In Australia, retirement income is funded through a mix of personal savings, a government pension and superannuation (super). The Government has a reduced tax system that encourages Australians to at least partly fund their retirement incomes and so reduce the future tax burden on working taxpayers.
Super is made up of employer contributions, your own personal contributions and sometimes additional Government contributions. Money deposited into your super fund is invested by the fund's trustee, who aims to grow your account balance while you are still working.
There are TWO main types of superannuation in Australia:

  • APRA Regulated Pooled Superannuation Funds;

Including- Industry Super; Retail Super and Government Super funds;

  • Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF’s)- See SMSF Page

    How to compare super funds

There are a few key things to consider when comparing super funds.

Things to compare

What to look out for


The lower the better. Are there any hidden fees?

Investment options

Make sure there are options that suit your needs and comfort with risk. Set and forget is not a recommended strategy.

Extra benefits

Your employer may pay more than 9.5% for certain super funds or if you make extra contributions yourself


Pick a fund on Risk Adjusted Performance that is not based on an insignificant sub-fund and definitely - do not chase last year's best performer


See what cover is available and what it will cost and is the cover transferable?


Getting advice from a Super Fund is always going to be limited at best, so browse their website to see what relevant information is easily available, including the ease in changing options or updating your information.


The complexity of the superannuation industry often undermines people’s confidence in Australia’s most efficient retirement savings strategies.
Some industry super funds have consistently outperformed retail super funds in terms of returns. The main advantage though of Industry Super Funds over Retail Superannuation is definitely the lower fees generally charged by Industry Funds.

One reason is that Industry funds benefit from about $10 billion in guaranteed default contributions that flow through modern awards each year, along with enterprise agreements that earn them an "illiquidity premium" that Retail funds cannot access.
SFR believes that Industry Super Funds and SMSF’s are currently the two REAL options that most people.

What’s more, with the current Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Finance Industry, Retail Super Funds are facing significant challenges in proving they position as a viable Superannuation alternative!

The Need for Superannuation Advice is now greater than ever.

Talk to SFR Planners to get the right advice on what to do with all aspects your superannuation.


SFR Planners offers financial advice across the full spectrum of disciplines

Financial Planning
Financial Planning
We offer high level financial advice & formulate recommendations that address the needs of each client’s unique situation to help make you financially independent.
SMSF Services
SMSF Services
Whether you are investing as an individual or as a group, we will help you find the best self-managed superannuation fund to meet your needs. There are many options for tailoring your fund to suit both your desired outcomes and your current means.
Taxation Advisers
Taxation Advisers
The SFR Advisory Group provides clients with in-house, full-service Accountancy expertise that delivers tax compliance and reporting services along with strategic advice that adds value to the client’s comprehensive financial plan.
Aged Care & Centrelink
Aged Care & Centrelink
Aged care rules are complex, with forever changing rules & costs buried in fine print which can be quite distressing for you, including families whom just want the best with available funding.
Property Investment Advisers
Property Investment Advisers
Buying a property can be one of the most stressful experiences anyone will ever face. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with this, not to mention a lot of your money being spent on it.
Estate Planning
Estate Planning
Estate planning should take into consideration two major scenarios:
Death of a person;
Loss of legal capacity of a person
Self Managed Investment Advisers
Self Managed Investment Advisers
Self-directed investing is the activity of individual investors trading stocks, property, bonds, funds, and other securities on their own behalf.
SFR Mortgages
SFR Mortgages
Regardless of whether you are buying your first home, upgrading to your next home, buying an investment property, or refinancing an existing loan, SFR Advisory Group offers a range of financial services, home loan and mortgage advice to assist you.
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  • We have been dealing with SFR ever since we had a super and we have dealt with Dean from the beginning. Our fund has done well, thanks in no small part to Dean’s contribution. We have now gotten them to keep all our books. Above all, we have now become friends and have mutual trust. We will certainly recommend his company.
    David G
  • For a number of years my late husband and I have trusted Self Funded Retirement Planners ( to look after our financial affairs. During that time, Dean and Garth's advice produced excellent returns in buying and selling our shares. When my husband died, they advised me and helped me with legal and financial matters. I have continued with the SFR Advisory Group due to their friendly, informative manner when providing me with up to date advice concerning my Superannuation and Tax. I couldn't manage my Superannuation financial matters myself. Especially due to the efforts of Dean and Garth, I have peace of mind; as they have ensured that I have a secure retirement. I have complete trust in SFR Avisory to continue to work in my best interest. Thank you Dean and Garth. Heather M. 15th January, 2019
    Heather M
  • “Have a Good Day”, in fact have lots of them “ALL THROUGH RETIREMENT”!
    In my experience, it is a rare occasion that you find on taking that (mythical) step we call “Retirement”, that we are ready and organized. I wasn’t.

    Yes, I knew I had to plan for this and I wanted to be responsible and there were so many questions. Best plans of mice and men, out of the blue, to take advantage of an unexpected situation I had to do it NOW! I was only 58 and still new to the Country, minimal savings, mortgage, kids at college…you know what I mean.

    I went on a six month’s survey, I went to every seminar, researched all that was on offer. It seemed to be, no matter what, you handed over whatever you had and lost all control! You should find out, it’s not going to cost you anything and SFR Planners have all the answers.
    I’m in my eighties now and have been with them for seventeen years. Garth and his team won’t let you down and it still remains your show.
    Tony D
  • I have been a client of SFR Planners. since they were formed in 1994. Prior to that I was a client of a company called Terrace Counsellors from 1992 and my advisor was Mr Garth Lovelace the now managing director of SFR Planners. Garth Lovelace advised me that he was about to start his own company and as my prior adviser before I met Garth had retired I was happy to become a client of SFR Planners.
    What attracted me to SFR Planners was that Garth had with him other advisors Dean Sampson and others and all were ethical and understanding people.
    The following is why this company is to be admired,
    1. They are not affiliated with any public company and that means that do not direct investments to companies where there could be double commissions.
    2. There are no trailing commissions.
    3. There is no churning of investments.
    4. Meetings with your advisor are included in yearly payments so no extra charges.
    5. Other services can be accessed I.E. Taxation Returns, Property Advice etc. on request.
    The understanding and friendly advice of clients personal problems have helped many including myself.
    I strongly recommend this company.
    Mal M
    (Retired Transport Manager / Bookmaker – WA)
  • Self-managed super is not a headache for my family and me thanks to SFR – we have enjoyed many years of peace of mind and hassle free investing. We derive enormous comfort from the calming advice we get from our SFR Adviser who is always available and responds to our needs swiftly. All our wealth is managed through SFR and we are very glad that it is
    Michael C
    Barrister - WA